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We like to book campaigns into our schedule with as much notice as possible so we can prepare marketing materials and ensure that media outlets have your music at least eight weeks before the release date. We've worked within much tighter time-frames before now, so if you don't have eight weeks to spare, you can still get in touch, we'll do our best to fit you in. 

Does an eight week campaign mean you'll stop promoting my music when the eighth week is over?
No.  Each campaign is live for a minimum of eight weeks but we will do everything we can to ensure that we make the most from every release we plug, so some campaigns will continue for much longer, at no extra cost.

How much do you charge?

We charge a one off fee payable at the start of the campaign. If you want to secure us over a longer term and appoint us as your press contact that's fine too. Contact us for details. We're always much more affordable than people think we're going to be.
Do you plug every genre of music?

We only plug music that we love, music that we know we would listen to anyway.  We've got a huge, and I mean HUGE collection of music, a testament to the wide variety of music we love, so as a rule, no genre is off limits.
How do we get things started?

When you're ready to go ahead, we'll need: highest quality fully tagged track(s) on MP3. We'll also need high-resolution photos of the band with a note telling us who's who and who plays what, artwork, a detailed band biography and upcoming tour dates if applicable. Please make sure you provide links to your social network accounts. We'll tag you in Facebook posts and publish a selection of links to airplay and coverage we've secured for you.  A full list of materials we need to prepare your press pack will be given to you before we start.
How often will you give us feedback / updates?
We'll post a selection of your airplay results on our Facebook page, providing you and your fans with links.  We'll also provide you with a detailed airplay and coverage report at the end of your campaign.

What can I expect to see from my campaign?

That's always the big question, and we'd love to be able to give a definitive answer. Every band is different, every track is different and every campaign is different.  We can't offer any guarantees of airplay, but we can guarantee that your music will be listened to by the playlist teams, heads of music, producers, and DJs at the biggest stations across the world.  Whether they feature your track or not is out of our hands but we will do our best to represent you, ensure they 'get' you and swing any decisions positively.  We've never had a campaign that hasn't achieved a decent level of airplay and coverage and we're happy for you to approach any of the bands on our roster to ask them about their experience.


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