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Jonny Brown, Twisted Wheel

"Great work, was buzzing with what Sean & High Violet got for us and we're looking forward to working together again in the future"

The Pink Diamond Revue

"Massive thanks to Sean and Lynsey who did a great PR job for us, including radio play on Steve Lamacq's BBC Radio 6 Music show, MARVELLOUS"
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Sinead O'Connor

"I'm impressed! Amazing! What you've done is incredible and I can't thank you enough!"
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Shaking Chains

"Thanks for everything on the Shaking Chains promo campaigns. Genuinely super impressed, hope to work on something again with you soon. High Violet PR & Plugging
refreshes the ears other pluggers cannot reach. Sean and Lynsey ran an excellent worldwide radio campaign for the Shaking Chains debut album. They literally got the music out everywhere"

Jurassic 5's Soup J5

"Sean was a pleasure to work with! Everytime I reached out, he was right on top of it, I never had to wait or wonder what was going on with my project and he always made me feel like I could ask questions. Thank you Sean for being such a professional and all round great company. I'd recommend him and High Violet PR & Plugging to ANYONE looking for results with their music!"

The Slow Readers Club

“Sean worked with us on the single releases for our second album ‘Cavalcade’ and got great results, including BBC Radio 6 Music playlisting and a Steve Lamacq round table for ‘Don’t Mind’.”

Stephen Jones, Babybird

"Things have always popped up in my career especially when things seem have gone quiet and I have inadvertently escaped the musical radar. Aside from the big hit, breaks like ‘The F Word‘ for example, came along and stuck around on the Gordon Ramsey show of the same name for years, helping fund the more enjoyable quest for Babybird to be as experimental as it was when it intended to be when it started. 

Later, Johnny Depp came along and rescued a second dip in my fortunes and kept the beast running screaming into twenty plus years in music. Sean Crossey is one of those wonderful people that enter into your life just because they love it. Though obviously it helps, money is not the goal. Instead it’s passion and belief. I haven’t met Sean yet but our cyber interactions, became from the very first word written, a bloody pleasure. I love folk like Sean. He put me back on the radio.”

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Hafdis Huld (GusGus, Tricky)

"Sean and Lynsey at High Violet PR & Plugging did a great job and got a lot of radio play from stations that we haven't reached before. I was really happy with the results!"


"Working with Sean and High Violet PR & Plugging has really helped us to connect with an international audience at a time when travel has been impossible due to the pandemic, giving the campaign a push to help nurture follows, likes and plays all over the globe. 

He’s a top lad , who has a wonderful dislike of the Tories and will always let you know what kind of shoes he's wearing on any given day (they’re always dead stylish too). 

Sean also models and dresses better than most of the bands he works with, apart from us. 
High Violet come highly recommended."

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Tricky Susan

"High Violet offer a clear and consistent pathway for the campaign that you’re after. The real-time, transparent results process is great for bands and artists wanting to see where the engagement is taking place. Responsive, efficient and bang for your buck definitely achieved. Sean and Lynsey were a pleasure to deal with – keep up the good work!"

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"All my numbers, across everything, are well up and had more pre-orders for the vinyl than I expected so thanks so much for your work getting it out there!"
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"We were excited to work with Sean from the beginning, but what stuck out immediately was how much time he was putting into us. We're a pretty new group so it was surprising to see how dedicated he was to get us coverage. He was in touch on a weekly basis, letting us know the progress of our EP and who had just reviewed it or what radio station was playing it internationally. We've received countless radio plays globally and write-ups directly because of his actions. I look forward to working with High Violet PR & Plugging again."
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"I was delighted with Sean and Lynsey's work on the campaign for my single 'Sugarface'. Their obvious passion for music cuts through to the work that they do and I was impressed with the widespread global attention that they managed to attract, expanding our fanbase throughout Europe and America." 
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Jack Mac

"Both Sean and Lynsey were exceptionally professional and helpful with promoting my album. I’ll certainly be using their services again in the future."

Nik & Lloyd - RUINS

"Sean and High Violet PR & Plugging have been a joy to work with from start to finish. They have been professional and enthusiastic throughout and really helped get our music out to a wider audience. Pleasing behaviour."

Ugly Duckling's Andy Cooper 

"I'm really excited that ABC Television Network's The Rookie has licensed one of my tracks and I truly appreciate all the efforts that High Violet PR & Plugging has made on behalf of my music!"
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Arthur G Daly, China Crisis

"Many, many thanks to Sean and Lynsey at High Violet PR & Plugging for all the great and wonderful work on my debut solo album 'Gone From Here'. From Mexico to Chicago, Ealing to Estonia, Sean and Lynsey have been magnificent in all their efforts to get my album heard, cannot thank you guys enough, all the very best." 
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San Pedro Collective

"Sean and Lynsey at High Violet PR & Plugging are just the best. They looked after and loved us, taking time to let us know about all we need to know and the brilliant results we were getting. If you want real PR and radio plugging make sure you go to High Violet. Dig X"
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"Sean and Lynsey did a brilliant job spreading our music globally, very professional and pro-active. High Violet PR & Plugging can get you heard in high places, excellent work and nice people too."
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“Sean and High Violet PR & Plugging did a great job for our latest campaign for our latest single release 'Gone' and we look forward to working with them again in the future.” 

Middlemist Red

"Imagine the feeling when you first see that stations like KEXP are playing your music. Working with Sean was absolutely brilliant, if you wanna get your music to a wider audience, High Violet PR & Plugging are your best choice!"



"What can we say about High Violet PR & Plugging? You need a good campaign in this day and age, to get your band to the next level planting seeds worldwide to fester into forests. Sean and Lynsey certainly put every effort into distributing your brand to places we certainly couldn't reach without their expertise in the music industry."

Chris Goodwin, The Waterfront (early version of The Stone Roses

"I'd known Sean's work through social media and could see the passion he has for music so I was delighted to find out he would be pushing our release for The Waterfront's RSD day single  .I've seen the contacts Sean has with various high performing radio stations around the world and  networking with all the relevant inkies whether it be national press or local fanzine , Sean will know where you need to be, great work"

Watch Rome Burn

"Want to give a BIG shout out to Sean and High Violet PR & Plugging for all of their work in taking the music of Watch Rome Burn international!! Sean has been awesome to collaborate with - super responsive, passionate about our music and getting it heard, and has put in WORK! Thanks Sean!"



"I've worked with Sean for both our debut EP and our full length album and have been more than satisfied with the results. Sean clearly has a long list of contacts and, particularly in the world of radio, seems able to get music into the right hands to maximise exposure. Highly recommend."

Mårten Lärka

”This went far better than the Trump-campaign, Im very happy about that”

Secret Shine


"After realeasing our album early in 2017 to good critical acclaim we wanted to reach out beyond our regular audience and reach parts of the globe we were yet to tap into. Sean and Lynsey at High Violet PR & Plugging did a great job of helping us with this, getting airplay on stations we love like KEXP and our record featured track by track in the highly influential Drowned in Sound. We've definitely sold more records and had more opportunites offered from the great work they've done. We'll be back with High Violet for the next record!"
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Kman & The 45s

"Sean and Lynsey from High Violet PR & Plugging have been such a pleasure to work with.  In this industry it's not everyday that you come across people that truly care about their service, what a breath of fresh air. They truly do get great results."
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Georgia & The Vintage Youth


"The response was amazing, High Violet certainly created a buzz around Georgia & The Vintage Youth, let alone being contacted by contacts and fans in the States, Australia and Germany. Well done Sean and Lynsey, incredible job. We will definitely be using you again in 2019."
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"Sean and Lynsey did a great job of getting our new single out to radio stations and audiences that we wouldn't have been able to achieve on our own. Getting playlists on stations such as KEXP, KCRW and Billboard was a major boost for us, as our music has been played to our target audience and helped spread our brand in various parts of the world. We would definitely recommend High Violet to other bands looking to increase their fan base." 

Whiskey Moon Face 


"High Violet PR & Plugging are wonderful and worked very hard at giving our album radio play in many different countries around the world. They also organised some great radio interviews on a national UK station and in America. They are doing a great job in helping artists who would rather stay independent. We would definitely recommend them!"
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Fintan McKahey 

"I hired High Violet PR & Plugging for a bespoke radio campaign for a recent single. I was more than happy with the results that they achieved, securing me airplay on so many stations across multiple countries. I found Sean very pleasant to work with and he was always quick to respond and help with any questions that I had. I would gladly work with them again."
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Delta Maid

"Absolutely loved working with High Violet PR & Plugging, from start to finish they exceeded my expectations and the reach they garnered was fantastic, super impressed."


"I had the pleasure of working with High Violet PR & Plugging on the PR campaign for my debut album. I was genuinely thrilled with the effort they put in for me and the results, especially in terms of international airplay, were even better than I expected. I look forward to working with them again in the future."
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"The success of this record and the campaign in general has taken our record to places it would never have gone had High Violet not been involved. To get emails and messages from all over the world and to be played on SO many radio stations, this has allowed us to open doors we never thought possible. Looking forward to working on the next campaign, much love."
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Le Fleur

"High Violet PR & Plugging have been great for our group, they're exactly what we were looking for. Great friendly service, and we've got listeners from radio stations from all around the world listening to our track! We would recommend them to anyone looking to get their music out there on a global scale."
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The Mouse Outfit

"Working with High Violet PR & Plugging for the release of our Jagged Tooth Crook album was the first time we’d ever used a PR or plugging company so we were a bit hesitant - however our experience with Sean and the team surpassed our expectations. We received daily updates on social media whenever our tracks had been playlisted or featured in publications. By the end of the campaign we’d been played on over 80 radio stations across 19 countries (including KEXP, BBC Radio 6 Music, RTL2 and other high profile international tastemakers). We couldn’t be happier with the results."

The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show

"When I sent Sean and Lynsey 'A Snake's A Snake' I had no idea that they'd even take on our little Folk/Punk songs as I wasn't sure we were really radio friendly. Not only did they welcome us with open arms but they managed to get us played coast to coast in America and all over the globe. The response we had to the single has been nothing short of miraculous and I can't thank the High Violet PR & Plugging team enough. If you have a good tune and want it heard everywhere, don't delay, get these two on it."

John Matthews, The High

"With a vinyl release for Record Store Day approaching, we needed radio airplay and exposure and that’s exactly what we got. Sean was all over it and got our music out there!"

Vinny Peculiar

"Sean and Lynsey did a great job reaching out to new radio stations, landing playlists and pushing and plugging my stuff, they were always most approachable and easy to deal with"

John Andrew



"Sean and Lynsey from High Violet PR and Plugging have been a pleasure to work with over the past 8 weeks and have done a fantastic job of getting my new E.P. 'Johnny Was' out to a global audience ahead of the release. Play-listed on KEXP and KCRW amongst many other stations and media outlets, playing and featuring news of the release, spanning China, America, Ireland, UK, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Turkey, New Zealand and more!

This was all in the run up to my launch show in Belfast and the release. I've also had more opportunities through the work the guys do, new followers, fans and contacts. Sean and Lynsey are a very hard working team who have a passion for music and I would highly recommend using them if you have a release coming out, I'll certainly be using them again in the future"

Colin White, Vinyl Revival 

"If you want to take the stress out of promoting a release then contact the professionals. Sean and Lynsey are on top of their game. From day one I received constant updates of radio play, arranged interviews and reviews from across the globe on the RSD releases they worked on for The High & The Waterfront. The enthusiasm and high level of service from High Violet was second to none. A pleasure to work with."



"If you're serious about your music and you want it to reach a global market then High Violet PR & Plugging is exactly what you need. Sean (who I now consider a friend) has gone above and beyond to deliver a service that gets results. He is always quick to respond and totally transparent about where your music is being played and picked up."


"Sean and High Violet PR & Plugging have been fantastic, I have received so much exposure! I'll be sure to let my network of musician friends know about this company, thank you so much! "

Fafa Galoure

"High Violet PR & Plugging are an amazing platform to expose your music globally with high efficiency and great communications. They have a vast network of connections for every genre and clients needs."

Buffalos Bay


"If you want to get your music out there and open up opportunities then High Violet PR & Plugging is a great place to do so. We've had our music played across the UK, Europe and beyond. Highly recommended!"

Michael Finnigan



"I would highly recommend working with High Violet PR & Plugging to any musician that's looking to release new material. Making and releasing my debut album 'Home Again' was a real labour of love for me and never in my wildest dreams did I think it would have a global appeal.

I'm delighted that it's had air play literally all over the world. It's made all the hard work in making my music worth it. Huge thanks to Sean and Lynsey for everything they did for me"

Red Menace Records


"We are Red Menace Records a startup Indie label with no visible profile to speak of. We were launching our first act, Victories, a young Rock band who also had next to no profile, so any PR campaign would have to start from scratch.  We chose High Violet PR & Plugging due to the enthusiasm they showed towards Victories and their belief that they could achieve good results for us with their database of contacts.
We were very impressed by the level of service we received throughout the campaign. Both Sean and Lynsey regularly updated us of any developments or angles that they were trying on our behalf. Over an 8 week period we picked up a large number of radio playlists and magazine or website reviews, including a couple of large influential stations in the States. Victories have been interviewed live on US radio and had a review in a major US Rock publication. Thanks to High Violet we have greatly increased awareness of Victories. Promotors are contacting us regularly for gigs and their social media following has grown substantially too. We would recommend High Violet to anybody looking for a hard working promotion team that doesn't cost the earth. You'll get well looked after and have the assurance that these guys really do try to get results."

Iguana Lovers


"High Violet PR & Plugging certainly know what they're doing, they look after each artist and tailor each campaign to their needs. Sean & Lynsey are a great team of shiny happy people! We trust them, the world is theirs, Music is Love"

The Plea

"If you're interested in getting your music heard internationally, High Violet PR & Plugging is the place, recommended!"

The Seagulls


"If you're looking for great PR look no further than High Violet. Sean and Lynsey really put the work in for us on our second album campaign with 'Blood Orange' and we achieved some outstanding results. We've had our music played all over the world and gained fans across several continents which led to some great opportunities. Cannot recommend these guys enough and their hands on approach is commendable. We'll definitely be using High Violet again on our forthcoming singles."

Rum Thief


"I've worked with Sean on two of my release campaigns over the last 4 years to some great critical acclaim and worldwide radio play. I have have to say High Violet has been no exception and has even exceeded my expectations for the release of my latest single. Great people, professional attitude and highly recommended"

The Riff


"High Violet PR & Plugging is definitely the place to go to get your music heard globally. Professional and always approachable, top people with the know how that has helped us to progress in the industry."

San Eco


"Sean and High Violet have been a real force in promoting San Eco's debut album release on Beatphreak Recordings. They have got behind us in an enthusiastic and committed manner, and with a worldwide network of radio stations and online music publications, have been able to use a blanket approach, which has resulted in our music not only being playlisted on radio stations across the world, but has also given our release drive and momentum. I would highly recommend High Violet to any artists looking to establish or widen their audience throughout any release campaign." 



"Sean has a great and vast list of contacts, including head honchos at Man City. He managed to secure us a place on the stage at The Etihad on two separate occasions which was mental. 

Take all the music stuff away and he's a top bloke, easy to get on with and a good laugh which is a rarity in this industry full of money grabbing arseholes. Can't speak highly enough of him and we're currently plotting our next two singles with him." 

Kids On Bridges


"If you're looking for someone to promote your music, look no further than Sean and Lynsey at High Violet. Their passion and commitment to the job they do is second to none and most importantly everything they do is done with a love for music and an understanding of what a band needs. We have seen our profile grow across the world due to Sean placing our music with key tastemakers and with each release the campaign grows stronger and stronger.  Our current release hit 22 in the Alt Charts and 112 on the National and this was due to their hard work and commitment to our music. We have had our tunes played on some of the biggest national stations around the world in places we haven't even visited. Sean's also always on the look out to give bands live opportunities at The Etihad. For me, you should never trust someone who doesn't have a record collection who works in the industry and Sean has possibly the best one I've seen, book with them, nuff said!!"

Buffalo Sunn's label Reekus Records

"Thanks to Sean and Lynsey for helping to get Buffalo Sunn's music heard in a wide range of places, from the UK through Europe, the US and even South America. We're looking forward to working with them again and again!"
Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 18.37.09.png

Simon Norfolk, Sunstone Records


"Sean and Lynsey from High Violet PR & Plugging got behind this release and helped reintroduce the Susan James long player to a larger audience, they worked tirelessly and I couldn't be happier with the hands on pro-service I received, don't hesitate to use them - as music fans themselves you can feel the passion in their work - 5 Stars from me and recommended to anyone who is serious about getting their music out there and heard!"

Drew McIntosh, The Grizzlar Coffee & Records

"The Grizzlar Coffee & Records release international Punk and Rock records in Canada, through our Rock n Roll coffee roaster in Edmonton, AB. As a new Canadian based label with a uniquely international focus, we needed to find someone with a long reach to get the records we are working on heard by as many people as possible. Sean and Lynsey at High Violet Pr & Plugging promised a lot and definitely delivered. Two campaigns with The Scrags (Stockholm) and Canibales (Guadalajara) have given us an amazing foundation to work from with radio play and play-listing around the world. A great album needs to be heard, and you should hire someone to make that happen. We will be calling High Violet again in the near future to help us push further releases from The Grizzlar Records."
Screenshot 2021-03-13 at 10.35.50.png

Blowtorch Recordings

"High Violet PR put a brilliant package together for us. The great thing is that they post regular updates on their Facebook page so even though you get a report, you can track how things are going daily as well. We got some great placements worldwide - Germany's no. 1 radio station 1LIVE being a highlight - and Turnstiles got many more followers on Spotify during the campaign. The cherry on top was another band from Los Angeles getting in touch as they heard a track on the radio in L.A. and they are now signed to the label." 

Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets, The Lovers, The Karpets)

"Sean's new PR company is an exciting new business start up in the heady world of music promotion, with his track record, it should be sure of a successful, funky future."



"We've got to thank Sean Crossey and Lynsey Finch for getting our music played all over the damn world"

Jammer Direct / Jammerzine


"Sean is very dedicated and calculated in his methods and not only raises the bar with his clients, he maintains that very high standard that most people strive for. He makes your brand better by not only exposing it to the right people, but exploring it with you. He's a true relationship builder."

XS Noize​

“I have really enjoyed working with Sean since 2014. He has enriched our content by always recommending quality artists and releases. I look forward to working with Sean further with High Violet.”


"We're amazed at the dedication shown from Sean and High Violet PR & Plugging, getting our music featured on sites or played on the radio, reaching out all over the globe. There hasn't been a day gone by since the campaign started without a new playlisting or feature. High Violet PR & Plugging is truly a sure way to get your music spread world wide and I would highly recommend this company to anyone trying to get their music out there." 
Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 08.21.39.png

Liam from The Winachi Tribe

"Sean is an absolute pleasure to work with. We’ve worked with him on a number of campaigns over the years and have always found him highly professional with a great knowledge of the music industry and passionate about the artists that he works with. Through working with him we’ve managed to get our music to a global audience to stations such as KCRW, KEXP & Billboard China, stations we wouldn’t normally be able to reach. We couldn’t recommend Sean and Lynsey at ‘High Violet PR & Plugging’ enough for both established and new artists. You WILL get results! One Love" 
Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 15.58.02.png

Marvin Dee Band

"It was awesome to see how many countries 'Bolt Everthing Down' was getting attention thanks to High Violet. They played a major role in our first ventures across the border. Their open communication style was refreshing and pleasant!"

Rocafort Records


"Thanks to Sean and Lynsey for their professionalism and for always being available when we had a question about the campaign. High Violet PR & Plugging work with a wide variety of radio stations and media outlets all around the world which will help your music to be exposed, which is an impossible thing to do alone nowadays. Thank you for your work."

Philip James Turner & The Crow Mandala

"If you want to get your music out into the world speak to Sean & Lynsey. The High Violet PR & Plugging team work with mainstream & regional radio stations et al all over the globe; including those who specialise in championing unsigned, independent artists. Our campaign has lead to reviews, interviews and bookings at home and in the US."

Alias Kid

"Worked with Sean from High Violet PR & Plugging on a football song we did, nobody knew what to expect. Next thing I know ESPN are playing the song along with play all over Europe and America. I've worked with a few companies in the past but High Violet eclipsed them all. Most importantly Sean is one of the most honest, hard working people I've met in this industry, absolute star and I can't wait for future projects."
Screenshot 2020-01-05 at 19.14.59.png



""Sean and the High Violet PR & Plugging team were instrumental in the successful promo of my EP, securing global radio play and press coverage. If you need a professional and effective service with prompt and clear communication, look no further. Highly recommended!!"

Manchester With Love


"We were completely taken aback by Sean’s enthusiasm and passion for the project, and his burning desire to get it out to the masses. He followed this up by letting us know all about radio play across the world courtesy of High Violet PR & Plugging, and we couldn’t be happier with the support they continue to provide."

The Harringtons

"Hiring High Violet PR & Plugging is the easiest way to get your music heard worldwide. They have excellent contacts and are great to work with, we can't recommend them enough."

Chris Hawkins, BBC 6 Music


"A quality roster and always a pleasure to work with."

Florence Joelle


"My songs got plays on radio shows the world over, from the States (New York, New Orleans), Greece, France, Germany, and the UK.  
Sean and Lynsey provide a very efficient promotional service.  Very nice working with them."

Las Vegas Records


"High Violet PR & Plugging did an excellent job. I didn’t even realize that there were so many radio stations around the world and all of them are playing our music!" 



"It's amazing having my phone buzz with notifications all day, our music is being played in Canada, Germany, Argentina, Poland, America, Denmark, Australia... everywhere! Can't wait to work with Sean and Lynsey again."

Unsigned & Independent


"Sean has an incredible level of industry experience with his contacts which he uses impressively to give artists under his care the necessary push they need. Working with him since 2013, we have been suitably impressed with his work rate and ethic and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with his new company."
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